forged products


Super Alloys

The forging of super alloys is the area we are most skillful in and are making efforts to. Our stock of various types of super alloys and forging capacity enable us to offer necessary size, even if a small quantity, in a short lead time. Each order is inspected even with small quantity.

Nickel Alloys

Besides super alloys, we keep stocks of pure nickel, Monel, and low expansion alloy (e.g. Invar Kovar and glass sealing alloy).

Titanium・Titanium Alloys

We keep the stock of pure titanium as well as Ti-6Al4V which is most widely used titanium alloy with high specific strength. We offer forgings with various sizes and shapes by our capacity.


Low Alloy Steels,Stainless Steels

Our longtime experience of forging various types of materials and shapes are made the best use to satisfy several different demands of our customers.

Nonferrous Metals, etc.

We are glad to discuss your specific requirements of forging any kinds of materials, sizes, and shapes.

Forktruck Forks

Forklift Truck Forks

We are supplying special, reliable, and heavy load (over fifteen tons) forklift truck forks through experience of more than half a century with them.


Sodium Silicate

Sodium Silicate

Sodium silicate is used to strengthen the ground under sewer, subway, or tunnel construction.

Environment Business

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