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Our company started in 1938 to produce forgings for fighters including zero-fighters as a subcontractor of the Nakajima Aircraft Company. Since we lost the aircraft market in 1945, we shifted our main business to the forging of special steels. Afterward we added manufacturing of heavy (over 15t) load forktruck forks and forging of super alloys as our core businesses.

Corporate Profile

Company Name Dowa Forging Co., Ltd.
Address 2-6-19 Keihinjima, Ota-ku, Tokyo
Foundation 1938
Date of Establishment November 7, 1955
Capital 36 million yen
Employees 85

Business Description

Manufacture and sale of forklift truck forks
Forging, heat treatment, and machining of super alloy, special steels, stainless steels and other metals, and sale of round bar stocks
Flame gouging thick steel plates, sale of die forged products and cast steels
(Nakazuma Works)
Manufacture and sale of sodium silicate, industrial chemicals, and construction materials
Manufacture and sale of grinding steel balls and rods
Collection, transfer, and intermediate treatment of industrial waste
High-pressure internal cleansing of various pipework relating to water, sewerage, and other facilities
Weight certification

Corporate History

Nov. 1955 Dowa Forging Co., Ltd. was established in Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, with its Production
Department in Shibakubo, Tanashi-cho, Kita-tama-gun.
May 1960 Started manufacturing large forklift truck forks.
Mar. 1963 Started forging and machining high-alloys.
Apr. 1979 Relocated the head office and factory to new premises at the current location (Keihinjima).
Oct. 1985 Received a technical award from the Japan Forging Industry Association, currently
the Japan Forging Association.
Jan. 1993 Certified as an authorized forged product manufacturer by the Nippon Kaiji Kyokai.
May 1994 Obtained the current Nakazuma Works, Kamaishi Office (sodium silicate production facility,
rolled steel balls production equipment, industrial waste treatment facility).
Mar. 1996 Completed the current Matsubara Works in Kamaishi. Started the bending, heat treatment,
and assembly of mid-sized forklift truck forks.
Opened the Kamaishi Office along with the Nakazuma Works.
Sept. 1998 Obtained ISO 9001 certification (designing, developing, and manufacturing forged products)
from BM TRADA (U.K.) and JMA.
Apr. 2002 Certified as an authorized forged product manufacturer by the Lloyd's Resister.
Apr. 2006 Selected as one of Japan's 300 Vibrant Monodzukuri SMEs from the Ministry of Economy,
Trade and Industry.
Feb. 2007 Selected as the best manufacturer (general category) in Ota Ward.
Jul. 2007 Completed the forging factory at the Matsubara Works, Kamaishi Office. Started forging
mid-sized forklift truck forks.
Mar. 2011 Operation at the Matsubara Works, Kamaishi Office stops due to the effects of the tsunami
during the Great East Japan Earthquake.
Feb. 2012 Obtained ISO 14001 certification (environmental management system)
Apr. 2012 Resumed operations at the forging factory at the Matsubara Works, Kamaishi Office.
Feb. 2015 Selected as the best manufacturer (general category) in Ota Ward for the second time.
May. 2015 Obtained JIS Q 9100 certification (aviation, space, and defense quality management system).
Dec. 2017 Installed a 2000t oil hydraulic forging press (Replacement of a 1000t forging press).




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